About the Journal

Digital Innovation Journal (DIJ) seeks to promote best practices, theories, and cases for the successful integration of digital technologies for innovation, value creation, and disruption at various scales and in all facets of business, government, and society.

The scope covers all forms of innovation, e.g., products, services, processes, facilities, logistics, business models, ecosystems, cultures, behaviors, etc.

DIJ is a hybrid between "academic magazine" and "academic journal", and seeks to transfer knowledge between theory and practice and vice versa. It also invites authors and readers with a more transdisciplinary vision, unifying researchers and professionals from business, computing, and engineering disciplines.

Its audience still includes primarily the traditional IS/IT management roles, generally located within the Chief Information Officer (CIO) branch, but also emerging "Out-of-IT" roles, such as Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Data Scientists, Digital Product Manager, Digital Customer Experience, etc.